Is that Cold Air Coming Through Your Doors and Windows?

I just walked by my front door and could feel the cold air blowing through as if the door was open. Imagine what it will be like next month when the weather gets even colder…not fun! And not fun on my wallet either! Last year we had the same problem with our windows. If you moved your hand around the edges you could feel the cold air coming in the sides. In fact on some days it was so cold last year that we could not sit on the couch next to windows…and our home is only 12 years old and the windows were dual pane.  Go figure, I thought those windows would have lasted a lot longer and kept our home warm in the winters…wrong.

As a homeowner you find that those original builders really put the least expensive products in a home and leave it to us to fix the problems later on.  Well, I know that with energy efficient windows not only do I save money on my utility bills but I also have a more comfortable home that my wife and I can enjoy. So…we went with new Anlin Windows from Everlast Home Energy Solutions.  It was one of the greatest purchases we made for our home.  For those of you out there that think replacement windows are going to be a hassle and you’re going to have your house wide open to the elements, well you don’t have to worry. The installation takes just one day, who would have guessed?

So if you have old windows that are not keeping the cold out then don’t worry…go with Anlin’s window from Everlast Home Energy Solutions and you will be completely satisfied. Ohh yeah…I still have to weatherstrip my front door…fun.


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